November 20 2017
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Don Touchton-President, Chairman of the Board, Ministry Coordinator , Teacher

Don Touchton-President, Chairman of the Board, Ministry Coordinator , Teacher

 Don Touchton, retired pastor and self employed insurance agent, began Good Word Ministries about ten years ago, (1998) as a preaching, teaching, training and writing ministry. Over the years it has evolved to include work on the mission field.  Our primary task at hand in the field of world missions is the work we are doing in partnership with India Gospel Ministries. Don has great aspirations for the support role we play with the work in India. Our goal is to train all 33 of the pastors of IGM in the next three years, providing tuition-free pastoral training for the dedicated pastors of IGM and to continue with a tuition free pastor training institute for all of IGM's future pastors. Secondly, our plans are to put a well in the yard of every tribal church of the IGM in the next three years to provide a clean, healthy water supply for the villages as a testimony of our Lord's love for these forgotten people. Don is a dedicated man of God who loves nothing better than preaching and teaching the word of God.


Fred Wright- First Vice President ,Tech Support, Travel Coordinator, Teacher

Fred Wright is pastor of Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Plant City, Florida and a former Director of Communications with Verizon. He and Don have been precious friends since his conversion some thirty plus years agon. Having an expert knowledge of the Internet, computer and communications technology he is a valuable asset to the GWM team. Being seminary trained, he is also a gifted teacher and a phenomenal Bible Expositor.


Jim Marazzi - Second Vice President, Treasurer and Teacher

Jim Marazzi - Second Vice President, Treasurer  and Teacher

 Jim Marazzi is a retired businessman and an ordained deacon. Jim has a passion for serving his Lord in the local church and on the mission field. He is an accomplished Bible student and a very articulate and bold teacher of the Word of God. Jim and Don have been friends since his arrival in Hayesville, NC in 2003. Having an understanding of financial matters and being such a faithful man of God, Jim serves as GWM's treasurer as well as teacher on the mission field. Jim is a mighty man of God and is devoted to learning and teaching the Bible with all sincerity and purity.


Pat Touchton - Fourth Vice President

Pat Touchton - Fourth Vice President

Pat Touchton is the latest addition to our Executive board of directors and was the first general board member having been added to our General Board by unanimous consent of the Executive Board October 15, 2008. In 2011 He was added to the Executive Board to replace the retiring Bill Hogan. Pat is one of Donís younger brothers. Living in Bronson, Florida Pat is a self-employed construction worker that loves the Lord and contributes generously and cheerfully to the work of GWM. He and his wife Peaches are staunch supporters of GWM and have worked to gain other financial support besides their generous giving. Pat will assist in construction projects as the need arises. Pat is more than a brother to Don; he is his friend and encourager. Pat makes a welcome addition to our General Board of Directors.




                Members of our General Board of Directors are partners in prayer for GWM, supporters of GWM financially, serve as advisors, assist in our various projects, and approve the annual budget at the annual board meeting in June of each year. They are indispensable to the ongoing work of GWM.


Dr. Kelly Blanton, Miami Lakes Florida

 Kelly is an accomplished pastor and missionary who has visited every country in the world except for about 17. He has ministered on every continent during his long and accomplished missionary ministry. He is currently a missionary through the work of the Home Mission Board of the SBC.




Some pictures of our work in India.

View a video of Well # 2 being drilled. You have to admire these people.

Some Still Pictures of a well.



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